"She's got that whole purpose driven warrior princess save the world type vibe"

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If I see a dog on the street expect me to stop whatever I'm doing to pet it

Fun Fact

Tasha Casberg is an American, Chinese, Canadian triple threat. She attended Studio School in Los Angeles achieving her BFA in Contemporary Musical Theatre + Film. She was raised in Hong Kong where she attended a trilingual international baccalaureate program, learning to speak Cantonese and Mandarin. Tasha started in dance with ballet at age three and since then has developed skills in all dance styles specializing in hip-hop. Her love of movies brought her out to LA and into the entertainment business. Tasha recently wrote, directed, composed, and starred in a movie musical called Something Real and has been involved in commercials and stage productions since her global move four years ago. Tasha believes in surrounding herself with a strong support system and strives to influence others to do so as well. She loves fantasy, exploring new food places, and cozy nights in with her friends. Her life is nothing less than busy, as she keeps moving along determined by choice and reserved by nature.